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Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) read more


For R&D centers / labs, for automation of R&D activities in pharma research specially in FD division and ADLread more


LIMS for environment labs, water quality monitoringread more


LIMS for commercial testing labs (with integrated billing)read more


True web based enterprise software for stability studies data management and compliance with US FDA 21 CFR Part 11read more


Equipment connectivity, to efficiently transfer analytical data from instruments to OasisLIMS read more

CrisCon ERP

Pharma ERP - Enterprise version: Specially designed to automate various activities of manufacturing unitsread more

CrisCon SFA

Sales force automation, web basedread more

Oasis CMS

Change management and control systemread more

O-Doc eBR

Electronic batch records maintenance software with electronic instructionsread more

Oasis APQR

Annual product quality review and records of batches producedread more

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Key Features

EnviroLIMS EMS is developed specifically for environment and water monitoring
It is a web based solution, built on ASP.Net (also available in VB 6.0 Client/Server for small/mid enterprises)
It contains superior data trending features, graphical and tabular representation of resultant data and behavioral trend of a particular sample point in an area/site over a period of time
It also provides for OOS (out of specifications) investigation alerts and reminders for due tasks such as pending for sampling

There is a provision for entry of readings/observations or test results from the filled work sheet for each sampling point, limits appear online

Environment Monitoring

  • Environment monitoring of manufacturing premises, warehouses
  • Airborne particulate count
  • Settle plate exposure
  • Surface monitoring
  • Personnel monitoring
Provision to enter relevant parameters of analysis such as report date, compliance status, temperature, humidity, time of exposure, media details etc.

Water sample monitoring

  • Analysis of water samples: process implementation through LIMS
  • Sample points and sample pull schedules