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Market Complaints ManagementOptional Modules with LIMS - Part A > Lims > Software Solutions > 

Key Features

Complaints Management module is for effective handling of market complaints and recalls

Under this module different types of market complaints can be entered and their records can be maintained. Its functions include:

  • Market complaint registration
  • On the screen comparison between the original test results (at the time of manufacture) and the results of analysis of the complaint sample
  • Provision to assign a complaint as per the SOP and tracking of the action taken
  • Action taken, when and by whom
  • Complaints on which action is pending
  • Recording of the action taken including the packing condition, physical appearance, opinion, the tests desired to be performed on the complaint sample
  • Frequency of occurrence of a particular complaint (color change, microbial contamination, empty pocket etc.)
  • Area wise (region) analysis of complaints
  • Analyzing market complaints information, complaint type wise / product wise, for a particular duration