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Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) read more


For R&D centers / labs, for automation of R&D activities in pharma research specially in FD division and ADLread more


LIMS for environment labs, water quality monitoringread more


LIMS for commercial testing labs (with integrated billing)read more


True web based enterprise software for stability studies data management and compliance with US FDA 21 CFR Part 11read more


Equipment connectivity, to efficiently transfer analytical data from instruments to OasisLIMS read more

CrisCon ERP

Pharma ERP - Enterprise version: Specially designed to automate various activities of manufacturing unitsread more

CrisCon SFA

Sales force automation, web basedread more

Oasis CMS

Change management and control systemread more

O-Doc eBR

Electronic batch records maintenance software with electronic instructionsread more

Oasis APQR

Annual product quality review and records of batches producedread more

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Trend Analysis

Key Features

Trend Analysis module helps in graphical and tabular representation of resultant data of different batches to study the behavioral trend of a product over a period of time. Its other functions include:
  • Comprehensive report generation as per the users choice of parameters.
  • Comparative analysis of batches on user-defined parameters along with the specification details in a standard spreadsheet format.
  • Extrapolation of trending data along with mean, median and mode; linear line graph / logarithmic curve.
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Vendor Rating

Key Features

Vendor Rating module enables selection of vendors for approval based on analytical data and sample data as well
It provides summary reports on sample disposition/ condition/ status for the material received from vendor for its subsequent approval
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Stability Studies Management

Key Features

Stability Studies Management is a true web based enterprise software system

It is for recording and managing stability studies data with the capability of pulling schedules, analysis data with stability life cycle execution from registration to certification

This module provides various summary and trending reports with protocol sheets as per ICH guidelines and regulatory requirements
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Equipment Calibration Management

Key Features

Equipment Calibration Management module helps in management and calibration of equipment that are used for analysing samples. Its functions are:

  • Registration of equipment / equipment master maintenance
  • Defining calibration limits for various applicable tests
  • Equipment test master
  • Equipment test link
  • Equipment calibration login
  • Equipment calibration sheet / Work sheet
  • Calibration reading / observation entry
  • Certificate of calibration / Equipment calibration report
  • Calibration labels
  • Annual equipment calibration calendar
  • Equipment calibration status
  • Equipment pending for calibration
  • Equipment due for AMC
  • Equipment breakdown record
  • Equipment maintenance record
  • Alerts and reminders
  • Equipment log
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Reference & Working Standards Management

Key Features

Reference & Working Standards Management module keeps track of inventory and usage of Reference Standards/ Working Standards in analytical laboratory. Its functions are summarized below:

  • Effective maintenance of reference standards / working standards on the basis of procurement details, source, assay, standardization, usage etc.
  • Reference / working standards master
  • Login
  • Reference / working standards issue
  • Reference / working standards bin card
  • Reference / working standards usage
  • Reference / working standards - use before
  • Reference standards register
  • Working standards register
  • Working standards due for standardization
  • Alerts and reminders
  • Management of standardization due dates
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Control / Reserve Samples Management

Key Features

This module helps in efficient handling of control / reserve samples that includes quantity, packaging, and storage location with relevant batch details. Its other functions include:

  • Inspection schedule: Provision for regular check / review of control samples at pre-defined intervals
  • Generation of control sample register, issue register, destruction register
  • Entry of issue, destruction details
  • Box slip generation (Control Sample)
  • Periodic visual inspection sheet
  • Control samples due for destruction (based on the expiry date and as per the FDA requirements)
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Training Records Management

Key Features

Training Records Management is designed for maintenance of training records (internal as well as external) for all personnel
All executives may be granted qualifications on the basis of training undertaken; it may be on any product, process, equipment or test procedures for which they have been trained. The functions of this module are highlighted below:

  • Department, trainees, trainers, training type master
  • Registration of employees (qualification, experience, designation, date of appointment etc.).
  • Entry of plans for training of staff in various departments on a subject (product, process, equipment, test procedures etc.)
  • Conduction of training and evaluation with grading facility to suffice GLP requirements
  • Maintaining details of training (in-house as well as external)
  • Training evaluation
  • Granting qualifications on the basis of training courses attended
  • Training schedules pulling
  • Training calendar
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Chemicals Glassware Inventory Management

Key Features

Chemical Glassware Inventory Management module provides for maintenance of inventory of chemicals / glassware used in laboratory
There is a facility to track receipt and consumption of chemicals; a comprehensive reporting systems is available to produce useful reports. The other functions include:

  • Entry of chemicals, glassware as masters with respective pack size, grade, rate, MSL, ABC analysis, storage requirements, safety instructions and unit of measurement
  • Date wise login / registration of chemicals, glassware on receipt at stores
  • Recording issues of chemicals against requisitions
  • Stock positions of chemicals etc. including total receipts, total issues, balance etc.
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Microbial Media Management

Key Features

Microbial Media  Management module is for maintenance of records of microbiological media including stocks, usage, etc. The functions of this module are summarized below: 

  • Master information maintenance as standard formula / composition, storage requirements, method of preparation, MSL, unit of measurement, etc.
  • Date wise entry of receipt with respect to vendor, mfg. date, exp. date, batch no., qty. received, cost, pH etc.
  • Media preparation and sterilization record with all relevant parameters
  • Media usage record
  • Stock positions of media
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Column Management

Key Features

Column Management enables management of records of columns used and keeping track of their performance. The functions of this module are stated below:

  • Provision to maintain master information with respect to date of purchase, column ID no., dimensions, packing, column serial no., manufacturer, vendor etc.
  • Provision to maintain column usage record with respect to product / material for which used during analysis, flow rate etc.
  • Product wise, column wise number of injections record; column log
  • Maintenance of column log book
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Quality Cost Analysis

Key Features

This module is designed for monitoring and controlling the cost on quality. Its functions include:
  • Registration of standard cost of chemicals / regents
  • Test wise consumption details necessary for every product analysis
  • Planning of consumption of chemicals/reagents aligned with production batches
  • Provision for recording of consumption of chemicals/reagents on the event of analysis
  • Reports on chemicals/reagents registered with the system
  • Reports on consumptions and stocks positioning
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Market Complaints Management

Key Features

Complaints Management module is for effective handling of market complaints and recalls

Under this module different types of market complaints can be entered and their records can be maintained. Its functions include:

  • Market complaint registration
  • On the screen comparison between the original test results (at the time of manufacture) and the results of analysis of the complaint sample
  • Provision to assign a complaint as per the SOP and tracking of the action taken
  • Action taken, when and by whom
  • Complaints on which action is pending
  • Recording of the action taken including the packing condition, physical appearance, opinion, the tests desired to be performed on the complaint sample
  • Frequency of occurrence of a particular complaint (color change, microbial contamination, empty pocket etc.)
  • Area wise (region) analysis of complaints
  • Analyzing market complaints information, complaint type wise / product wise, for a particular duration
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Projects Management

Key Features

Project Management module help to efficiently manage, record and track various projects received from clients across the globe. Its functionalities include:

  • Project Master: Pre-information
  • Project Master: Introduction
  • Project Master: Information
  • Project Activities
  • Project Commercials
  • Documents/Procedures
  • Project View
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Project Reports
  • Project Activity View
  • Project Activity Graph
  • Project Component Master
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Formulation Development Trials Management/ Recipe Management

Key Features

Formulation Development Trials Management/ Recipe Management is a module designed for efficient management of different trial batches while developing a formulation and subsequent optimization, scale-up. Some of its functions are mentioned below:

  • Material receipt entry
  • Product Formula
  • Summary of Trial Details
  • Review Stock Status
  • Material Issue 
  • Material receipt register
  • Stock in hand
  • Issue Register
  • Direct Consumption Register
  • Material Bin Card
  • Production Trial Batch Summary
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Dissolution Profiling

Key Features

Dissolution Profiling is for management of entire data of dissolution test of a product and innovators product including F1, F2 analysis.  Its functions include:

  • Dissolution Login
  • Dissolution Work-Sheet Printing
  • Dissolution Reading Observations
  • Dissolution Profile Report
  • Dissolution Profile Data Sheet
  • Dissolution Profile Compare
  • Dissolution Profile Status Report
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Analyst Qualification

Key Features

This modules is designed for maintenance of records of qualifying all the analysts about their expertise on analysis of product or use of equipment 
Analyst Qualification module contains a provision for a system of qualifying tests and comparing results with benchmark/reference values
It also allows sample allocation based on analyst qualification 
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Analytical Method Validation

Key Features

This module provides for efficient management of analytical method validation activities including linearity, robustness, precision, specificity, ruggedness, etc.