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Chemicals, Agriculture Chemicals, Oil/Gas, Petrochemicals

OasisLIMS supports the production agriculture chemicals, oil and gas refining, petrochemical, and chemical manufacturing industries by facilitating automation of quality control in a continuous process and access to data so that it can be reported and analyzed.

OasisLIMS for chemicals laboratories can help assure quality, optimize the efficiency and throughput of staged processes, help you comply with regulations and safety standards, and enable you to perform rigorous testing and continuous real-time monitoring of the quality data, enforcing SOPs, and allowing for the effective management of data and information enables management make quick production decisions more quickly in case of any violation in specification limits for a particular parameter, increases overall productivity across manufacturing operations, lower operating costs and improve quality and integrity of data, all while enabling compliance with strict regulatory requirements, and improving sample traceability.

OasisLIMS can be integrated with third party software to provide enterprise-wide, the system's powerful functionality, configurable nature, the system's accessibility and simplified management makes it an ideal tool that interface to 3rd party ERP, Process Control (SAP, Aspen Tech etc.) and to add to company's overall quality and bottom line.