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Microbiology / Media Management

LIMS micro / media management module efficiently manages culture used for micro anaysis and environment monitoring, the functionality includes procurement / receipt of media with ph, sterlity, validity range, manufacturing/expirty date, quantities in containers, issuance for preparation of new media, sterlization references, media transfers, conduct GPT, physical verification of media, record issuance and usage of media for various purpose.

A comprehensive reporting system is available to produce various reports through standard templates. Provision is there for destructing leftover or unused media, prepared media.

Similarly, functionality to manage new cultures, their distribution, usage and reports are also available on micro media such as media masters, media receipts, media preparation reports, media usage and consumption reports, media GPT reports, physical verification reports. Maintenance of media destruction records with due for destruction alerts.

Maintenance of micro / media log books under LIMS integration mode.