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Change Control Management (CCM)

A comprehensive module that enables organization to effectively manage changes to processes, documents (STPs / SOPs / Procedures), facilities, hardware, software, engineering, products, equipments, protocols and other areas.

As the new regulation emerges and existing regulations become more stringent, the effort to minimize the loss of quality and managing ongoing changes is very challenging.

Having to keep track of all different types of changes to SOPs, work instructions, design specs, training plans, procedures, formulation etc., without a change management solution is ever growing headache of all companies, big or small.

The module comprises of initiation of change from department, assessment and recommendation by head of department, QA-QMS group review/selection of team, forward for impact assessment by associated departments, evaluation for acceptance/rejection of change, change implementation planning and execution and finally closure of summary.

Basic Workflow ...

Oasis Change Management system is integrated with other solutions to create a closed loop Quality Management System. Oasis powerful analytics and reporting capability helps to perform trend analysis and spot recurring problems quickly and easily. The interactive executive dashboards of Oasis change management software provide meaningful change statistics to management to make informed decisions to drive continuous quality improvement and meet regulatory compliance needs.