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System Integration


From Enterprise Resource Planning to Invoicing, third-party software integration allows you to operate seamlessly with OasisLIMS. The list includets … SAP B1/ECC, Navision, Tally and many more … It is common for uni or bi-directional communication where OasisLIMS not only accepts data from other systems but sends data as well optionally, data can be transferred between the two systems or one way from either system.

SAP Practice Cell for Integration of Systems

Oasis has separate team for design / development and implementation of Integration with SAP at various levels of allocation interface on standard touch points. Our integration development environment is completely flexible to manage the most challenging manufacturing and laboratory processes. Oasis created and deployed a LIMS-SAP interface that utilized the SAP QM module to create lots, upload quality data and usage decisions, and synchronize lot information between multiple LIMS instances and a single SAP instance.

SAP Certifies OasisLIMS® …

OasisLIMS, has received the “Powered By SAP NetWeaver®” certification status from SAP labs Bangalore based upon successful integration testing with Integration of SAP-QM module that is part of the SAP ECC 6.0 / 7.0 product suite. OasisLIMS has an interface to the SAP Quality Module using the BAPI and Text/CSV based batched integration modes. Oasis also has SOA / XML based high level of integration robust bi-directional communications link that ensures transfer of data from one system to the other without any miss for achieve data integrity. The interface is based on standard or customer independent parameters and touch points an fully custom designed integration between the both the systems. OasisLIMS tracks manufactured lots of material that may require testing during manufacturing / receipt of external lots and for approvals and release. OasisLIMS sample login process has been specifically interfaced and configured with SAP-QM module which drives the creation of new Lots to OasisLIMS environment. Once the analysis is complete, the result of each test parameter and sample status with other key information is passed back to SAP "Usage Decision" for updates.