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Environment and Water Laboratory

OasisLIMS water and environmental testing labs LIMS supports manage manufacturing units to meet the compliance requirements;

The system has configurable workflow as per water and environment testing that includes sample scheduling, sample points and It also defines which test or tests are to be carried out on each of the samples collected as per complete environmental monitoring protocol for sampling plan that allows assignment of the same properties to multiple samples that increase the overall efficiency and productivity.

Standard test methods such as MLT, BET and sterility, multi batch sample sequences and other predefined micro templates eliminates transcription errors and reduce paper handling which significantly improves sample turnaround time, generates regulatory reports the system assists you make faster, more informed decisions at all levels of the organization.

The results can be trended to show the variation of results in a graphical report over time for samples executed at different sample points and intervals. Results can be compared with specified limits for each test at each sampling site and triggers can be set up to ensure that any violations of these limits are immediately reported to the lab management team for further action.

With this module you have the ability to define your laboratory processes on environment parameters needs for improved efficiencies, cost savings, and compliance with a configurable system that will grow with your business and support your data management needs in the future.