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Chemicals / Reagents Management

OasisLIMS provides a comprehensive module to maintain inventory and control of chemicals/glassware used in lab, there is a facility to track stock receipt and consumption of chemicals, a detailed reporting systems is available to generate useful reports.

Chemicals, reagents, glassware etc. can be entered with code, name, respective grades and unit of measurements.

On receipt of chemicals, reagents etc. there is a provision for login / registration of the same in stocks with vital information batch/lot, manufacturing/expiry dates, containers/quantities etc.. Provision is also avialable for recording issues of chemicals, reagents with requisition reference for direct consumption / or further prepration of solutions utilized in various activities of lab, can be recorded.

Stock positions of chemicals, reagents, glassware etc. can be drawn at any point of time from set of reports.

Stock statements, registers for chemicals, reagents can also be generated in different on different parameters with available quantities. Provision for destruction of leftover, un-utilized chemicals, reagents at a particular date.

Maintenance of chemicals log books under LIMS integration mode.e of control/ reserve samples, compartment, pack style masters, inward, withdrawal registers, Destruction Registers, visual inspection sheet, material bin card, due for inspection and destruction.