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Food & Beverage Industry

OasisLIMS unique solution helping food & beverage industry and food laboratories can leverage its capabilities to analyze hazards, determine and monitor critical issues and establish corrective actions to ensure that food safety standards are met and the system is functioning properly,

it makes sure all the stages of food production, from the production of raw ingredients to the packaging that delivers the product to the customer they do not become contaminated with chemicals or food pathogens and minimizes the risk associated with the quality through production, processing, and distribution while meeting government regulations and market consumer trends.

OasisLIMS is flexible and comprehensive electronic document management system makes it possible to provide access to data such a way that safety and standards information is quickly and easy available with complete traceability of information such as results, results status, equipment records, actions performed, among others eg stability, sensory evaluation etc.

OasisLIMS, food & beverage solution offers, ability to ensure that raw materials, in process and finish products meet specifications, identification of results that are out of specification for quick decisions, complete traceability and regulatory compliance, integrated electronic record management that produces a completely auditable track records of all laboratory resources taking part in a specific analysis (analysts, instruments, standards and SOP’s).