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LIMS for Drugs, Food, Bewerages, Textiles, Plastic ware, Toys, Food Contact Containers/packaging, Jewelary ... Testing

True LIMZ with integrated billing management module is the most critical tool in the operations of commercial and public test laboratories offering analytical services. Virtually everything from sample receipts to sample disposal is tracked through the True LIMZ. And, all of our laboratory locations are operating and standardized to the same LIMS.

When it comes to managing a public / commercial laboratory service, getting procedures done on time and accurately is only part of the total equation. After sample records have been acquired, tests have been run, and results compiled, clients have to pay for the work performed. In the modern testing / analytical services landscape, executing billing practices correctly might be equally time-consuming and labor-intensive than any other part of the job in laboratory. But with True LIMZ solution laboratories can easily interface with their billing systems directly from their laboratory information management system, it’s possible to gain greater efficiency and incredible cost savings. True LIMZ is also responsible for storing all client quotes and billing information. This includes all contract pricing, discounts, turnaround surcharges and even special client billing requirements. This assures accurate billing based on quotes and contracts.

Some salient features at a glance …

Master data planning and entry
Product master / Material master
Entry of relevant details of different Raw materials / packaging materials / intermediates / bulk etc. in product master
Test master (pre-shipped with OasisLIMS)
Defining 'n' number of tests which are performed on a sample
Reports: Material master, Vendor master, Test master
Product - test - test method links
Establishing link among product, its tests (as per the monograph) and the test methods required to carry out the tests Limits Defining different types of limits
Report: Product composition details
Report: Specifications - RMs / FPs / PMs / Intermediates / Bulk etc.
Transaction processing
Sample registration and login for various sample categories: Regular / retest / R & D / pre-shipment etc Automatic AR number generation for different types of samples categories Entry of quantity received in multiple pack sizes / containers Entry under sampling plan, for multi lot / multi assay and mean result calculation on the certificate of analysis
Labels printing
Protocol sheet / work sheet / analytical work record generation Concise / exhaustive - indicating all tests to be performed as per the pharmacopoeia, the in-house specifications; the regulatory requirements / Drugs and Cosmetics Act and the Rules and user defined formats for entering readings / observations Samples pending for analysis Samples under analysis Analytical readings / observations entry Selection of tests for entry of readings / observations Entry of only the readings and observations Automatic calculation of the results (without giving any external formula for calculations) Generation of certificate of analysis (COA) Automatic cross-checking of the results with both official as well as in-house specifications Automatic decision about conformance or non-conformance of the sample Automatic generation of certificate of analysis as per the pharmacopoeial requirements and schedule V of the drugs and cosmetics rules (Old COA with old specifications and current COA with current specifications) Automatic incorporation of opinion in the COA, giving reference to rejection parameters, in case the material is rejected
Report: Certificates pending for printing
Sample registers RMs / FPs / Rejection / PMs etc. for different sample categories Reports: Sample status reports Laboratory data QC productivity report Analyst performance report
Retention Sample Management
After testing for all properties some amount of sample will be kept for retention for some period. The information of retention sample can be maintained properly mainteined in LIMS add-on functions.

Billing and Accounts /Sales Statements

Product Party Rate
There is a provision to enter product testing rates for each party product wise, the rate defined under this option appear as default at the time of processing billing.
Bill Processing
The system itself incorporates samples processed on bill date on the basis of party; system can be configured to automatically generate Bill No. On the basis of user defined theme. Provision is there to enter discounts, bill wise. Service tax can be calculated and evaluated automatically.
Bill View/Update facility
Billing system provides a facility to search bills detail on various descriptive identifiers such as Bill No., Date and Client. Provision is there to zoom in up to the bill voucher to review details, make amendments, in case needed and finally print.

Bills Printing / Pending Bills

Bills may be printed in a user-desired format; option is available to print bills on pre-printed or ordinary stationary. There is a provision of high-speed bill’s printing on DMP (dot matrix printer) to handle voluminous jobs efficiently, or attractive/profession billing with the support of desk jet/laser printer. There is a separate report that provides information on bills pending for billing.
There is module to enter receipts against bills generated on client’s account to track payment receipts. System provides a facility to search bill detail on various descriptive identifiers such as Bill No., Date and Client. Provision is there to zoom in up to the bill voucher to review details, make
Monthly Accounts Statements
Monthly report is available comprising all the transactions held during the month of a particular party with complete details and ledger account statement can be generated in a specific format for a client for a particular duration.
Outstanding Statement
An outstanding report can be generated incorporating previous dues, current billing amount, receipts and total due on a particular date.
Export Reports
Every report produced by the system can be exported online in various industry standard formats such as Excel, PDF, HTML, RTF, TEXT etc. to meet information exchange requirements of users working with different software systems.

Standard Workflow …

A summary of standard workflow is given below ____

  • Enquiry Generation
  • Feasibility Studies Confirmation
  • Quotations
  • TRF (Test request form)
  • Sample Registration
  • Sample Allocation (department wise) / Sampling Quantities
  • Sample Labels / Group Worksheets
  • Reading Observations and Results Entry
  • Lab Department Approvals
  • QA Approvals
  • CoA, Printing and Release for Invoicing
  • Sample Tracking and Other reports
  • Invoicing Module
  • Sales Statements and Reporting
Enquiry Generation
New sample enquiries received from various prospects are registered here with the reference no. and sample test requirements.
Feasibility Studies Confirmation
These sample enquiries are transferred to various lab departments handling specific tests analysis for approvals on feasibility of analysis.
Once the test feasibility received from respective departments, the case moves to commercials and quotations are worked out for enquired sample, test wise, group tests wise, specification wise etc.
TRF (Test request form) / Sample Receipts
On receipt of samples a TRF is prepared against quotations, multiple quotation references from a client can be pulled in this process with other T/C and agreements confirmations. TRF completion leads to automatic sample registration with unique no. of individual analysis.
Sample Registration
Provision for direct Sample registration is also available where sample, client, tests (from standard specifications), additional tests can be selected/allocated, other references regarding sample with the option for CoA report selection from custom designed format (pre-configured CoA) is also available.
Sample Allocation (department wise) / Sampling Quantities
Sample is automatically allocated to department head for further resource allocation with sample quantities details; department head allocates sample tests specific to department to qualified analysts for processing jobs.
Sample Labels / Group Worksheets
On allocation of sample tests, bar coded labels and group worksheets can be generated indicating all the tests to be performed on sample specific to department.
Reading Observations and Results Entry
After analysis, observations and results entries can be submitted for individual test for their subsequent approvals at department level.
Lab Department Approvals
Lab department head reviews and approves the results with the provision of electronic signature (optionally available) attachment.
QA Approvals
Once the sample processing is complete, QA department authorizes and approves the final results in 2/3 steps (optional), review, authorize and approve with electronic signature (optionally available).
CoA, Printing and Releasing sample for Invoicing
CoA can be printed in custom designed reporting form as per requirement with ES underneath, emailed also, now it becomes available to be billed to party as pending for invoicing.
Sample Tracking and Other reports
Various reports are available to track sample status and other sample processing related information.
Invoicing Module
Samples processed are opened for billing at this stage, provision for quotation details are also available while preparing invoices for quick references. Invoices generated can be emailed or printed after proper authorizations.
Sales Statements and Reporting
Sales summaries/statements, periodic reports are available comprising all the billing transactions held of a particular party with complete details and account statement can be generated in a specific format for a client for a particular duration.