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Complaints Management

A comprehensive complaints managcement process is available in the system to handle different types of complaints received from market regarding product quality. Provision is available for routing and escalation management of complaint by assigning tasks to an individual for further investigation, conclusion and corrective action with final closure. Various reports are available to track users and their actions involved in the complaint processing.

Registration of complaint for a product with respect to type, batch details and location and attachment of related documents.Receipt confirmation of complaints, initiation of primary investigation and formation of team from various depratments. On-line references to lot data, retained in LIMS database, fixing suspected / counterfeit, root-cause analysis, investigation conclusion, CAPA initiation and action, implement changes/training etc.

CAPA verification, feedback from sources/regulatory, complaints closure.

A set of reports can be generated such as Intimation sheet, complaint form, investigation analysis and reports, complaints log book/status, closure report etc.