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Access your laboratory data from anywhere, at anytime.

Fully featured, cloud ready solution, LabGenious is powerful tool to manage complex processes with Sample Life Cycle Management, Chemicals Inventory and Equipment Management, Reporting, label printing and barcodes!

LabGenious sample management module automates workflows, and manage samples and analytical data including specifications, tests, results and approvals. Pre-built workflows can be quickly configured to meet the exact specifications of laboratory. LabGenious gives users significant advantages in terms of security of information and a reduction of time needed for data entry and opportunities to eliminate human error in reporting and calculations. LabGenious software gives companies a strategic advantage by enabling them to efficiently collect, store and analyze sample data.

100% CLOUD READY, LabGenious can be described as cloud based LIMS system with outstanding performance over the net. The information in the LIMS can be quickly reported, shared and analyzed.
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