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Implementation Services


Oasis provides several methodologies for implementing your software, the deployment plans are designed to fit a variety of functional requirements and budgets. Oasis Support & Update Services; once implemented, system is supported by Oasis technical force for consultation, system re-configuration, questions of functionality, bug fixes, requests for future functionality and more. In addition, supported customers will be eligible for upgrades to new versions at a fairly nominal cost when they become available. Oasis intends to release a major revision on regular basis on significant feature enhancement.

OasisLIMS, fast implementation and expert support

OasisLIMS has been in use at many pharmaceutical organizations from many years and has evolved as a matured product with common pharmaceutical functional requirements specifications in place, that broadly covers pharmaceutical specific workflows, such as sample management and batch release, stability testing, instruments, standards and reagents management, and barcode enabled label printing. Accordingly the system delivered with minimal configuration changes as a standard product and masters preloaded to quickly start the project. Also, our team of experts understands the complex requirements of pharma quality control laboratory, with experience and knowledge acquired during implementation ensures 100% success in smooth deployment of system. Practically, the major activity of implementation is focused on end user training and assisting them in executing validation of system on the basis of pre-designed validation script from User Requirements, IQ/OQ/PQ, to Go-Live Release stage.

Fast track implementation

Typically, implement of project takes about 3 – 4 months from installation to go-live with OasisLIMS where as traditionally it used to take about 12 – 14 months time. This is due to the proven and established implementation processes and configurable user defined templates / reports clients are up and running fast.

Software validation qualification IQ, OQ/PQ (Additional / Optional)

The IQ, OQ/PQ protocols are designed and targeted at system functional delivery, all the standard verifications and controls are included in the protocols format, test scripts/cases are fully documented for each process incorporated and accordingly referenced to the standard operating procedures i.e. User Manual/SOP.

Documents shipped under validation plan are IQ/OQ/PQ, User Manual / SOP.

Support & Update Services

Software continues to improve even after it is purchased, installed and implemented in your lab. Oasis warranty covers the software for a certain period of months after the installation of the basic software.

To ensure that your laboratory continues to take advantage of functional advancement in LIMS, Windows and Client/Server technologies, we strongly recommend the purchase of the Oasis - Support and Update Services. Coverage entitles the user to technical support via telephone and software updates as they become available.


Software is only useful if it is used, and used properly. Multiple options are offered by Oasis for training both the LIMS administrator and the end users of the software. Oasis training is both formal and informal, so it fits the style of your organization. Oasis offers training courses on and off premise on demand basis for any and all users under very controlled conditions. Our experience has been that generic classroom training for LIMS is of limited use, training designed by Oasis includes practical and hands on sessions to reduce the learning curve and grasp the workflow in a short period of time.

Customization and Implementation

Before the Oasis design & implementation process begins, a system administrator and backup must be designated. These staff members must have an intimate knowledge of the laboratory and be authorized to make critical decisions which will influence the design of Oasis. We strongly recommend that all staff members who will be influential in the design of special OasisLIMS functions take the time to learn the basic design and user interface concepts of OasisLIMS by executing the Tutorial which is delivered with the Core software. Remember, this is a mission critical application that you must rely on for many years.

A few days of familiarization is an excellent investment of time which will allow you to effectively communicate your requirements to OASIS during the configuration and implementation process an efficient manner. This will ensure a faster implementation and result in far fewer "surprises" than if left to the discretion of your Oasis design team. The Oasis implementation process occurs in a logical and well-organized manner. The process requires effort and commitment by both the OASIS and Customer staff.