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OasisLIMS Professional


Operating under pharma, chemicals, petro, textiles, oil/gas ... domain

OasisLIMS Professional is a comprehensive web based and client / Server based standard laboratory information management software, it is suitable small and mid size laboratories for a wide range of laboratory applications. OasisLIMS Professional’s native functionality allows you to effectively manage the flow of samples and associated data to improve lab efficiency; it helps standardize workflows, tests and procedures, while providing accurate controls of the process. Automatic on-line calculations are integrated into the LIMS to record collection of test data and eliminate error, lab resource allocation module ensures that instruments used in analysis are properly calibrated and operated by trained/qualified staff only. It also ensures chemicals; standards and reagents used in performing analysis are suitable for their intended use.

OasisLIMS key functions include revision controls of masters incline organizations to use a LIMS and ‘go paperless’ to meet best practice or compliance requirements, for pharma or other regulatory major organizations OasisLIMS professional may also be configured to incorporate audit trails to capture changes to results, test procedures, instruments and chemicals used during analysis. Implementing OasisLIMS professional saves valuable man-hours of technical staff, saves time spent in writing and checking in individual reports. The time saved – utilized for other important / productive tasks in the lab. The main purpose of a OasisLIMS is to improve lab efficiency and accuracy by reducing manual operations, it will performs a range of core functions that includes

Sample Management / Sampling / Worksheets / Workflow management / Test data record keeping / Automatic test method calculations / Inventory management / Instruments management / Reporting / Administration and control / Flexible Reporting / Trending and Analytical Quality Control / Standard Operating Procedures Maintenance / Instruments Management / Inventory Management / Auditing and Security / Simple User Interface

Master Specification Maintenance;

  • • Specifications for raw materials / packing materials / intermediates / bulk / finished products / Water / Standards / Solutions easily maintained, with the facility of revisions history
  • • No need to refer to specifications repeatedly at the time of analysis

Sample Management;

Sample management and laboratory workflow is predominant in day-to-day laboratory operations; OasisLIMS provides support for a wide range of functions within the laboratory to efficiently manage samples searching and display, sample registration, tracking and auditing, test maintenance and Test result entry, Result review, release and approval, Certification and reporting etc.

Sample Login;

  • • On GRN / production intimation, sample login takes place in the software with minimum parameters
  • • Allows many types of logins such as normal sample, retest, pre-shipment/ pre-purchase, reanalysis, market, control etc.
  • • Automatic, unique Sample ID or Analytical report No generation for different categories of samples
  • • Facility to enter sampling plan for every product/material
  • • Sampling details and sampling observation entry
  • • Option of partial/reduced analysis
  • • Tests automatically allocated to the sample
  • • Option for adding new tests, changing limits after sample registration

Worksheets and Labels;

OasisLIMS allows you to present sample and test data as a collection of worksheets in a workbook format with the number sequence. Any user with the appropriate privileges can edit all the layout styles/formats for each test, without the need for any programming.

  • • User defined worksheet layout/format for entry of readings / observations, as per drugs and cosmetic act and the rules or as per in-house testing procedures
  • • Automatic generation of worksheets dynamically, for raw materials / packing materials / intermediates / bulk / finished products, indicating all the tests to be performed as per standard / in-house specifications).
  • • Work sheet may also incorporate method of analysis, optionally.
  • • Labels at different stages of sample progression can be generated, under test, sampled, approved/rejected etc.

Result entry and Test Methods/Calculations (User Defined through Excel Interface);

On the basis of work allocation, result entry, test wise or sample ID wise can be entered in a flexible input formats for qualitative, quantitative analysis with description, conform or non-conform, standard pre-configured validated calculations for LOD, Assay, Purity, UOC, Dissolution, GC/HPLC, average weight etc. provision for user defined test method calculations.

  • • It eliminates possibilities of calculation mistakes, saves significant time of chemists, allowing laboratory technicians to do value added work.
  • • No need to maintain manual notebooks for calculations as calculation sheet / raw data sheet automatically generated as detailed CoA, practically there is no need to verify / check results as test method calculations are validated.

Generation of CoA - Certificate of Analysis;

OasisLIMS generates CoA, beside standard format various layouts of CoA may be designed and printed depending upon sample type, Process of CoA generation cross verifies results with the specification limits for decision of approval or rejection of sample and accordingly opinion of disposition status is generated automatically, in case of non-conformance of sample, final report incorporates rejection parameters that means system itself is designed to take decision independently, it eliminates possibility of biased opinion.


OasisLIMS Professional’s powerful and flexible industry standard reporting tool that has ability to produce several reports to conform to any regulatory requirements, management information and graphical reports Data set stored in OasisLIMS database is accessible and can be displayed or printed in a wide variety of reports, most of the report have filters applied that enables point-and-click query construction to generate instant report layouts. A standard set of report is available on various categories to support MIS and lab service level reports and reports for regulatory compliance.


Specifications, Work Sheet, CoA - Certificate of Analysis, Sampling sheet, Sample register, Rejection register, Labels (under test, approved, rejected, sampled, quarantined etc.)


QC productivity, Analyst performance, Samples pending for sampling, Samples pending for analysis, Samples pending for entry of results, COA pending for review, COA pending for printing, Lab performance report on various parameters, Sample approval status, Samples for retest

Sample Scheduling;

OasisLIMS scheduler allows you to create predefined flexible schedules and generates samples registration and sometimes reports automatically. This is general requirement of industry where samples are required to be processed over a period on regular intervals and under manual control there is a chance of omission, with powerful scheduling tool OasisLIMS automatically determines and generates alert / reminder for samples as and when due for processing. Built-in Scheduler uses rules defined using data management tools to program system what it should do and when.

Equipment Calibration and Maintenance;

Equipment management module provides integrated functions that allow users to define and closely monitor equipments that are used for analyzing samples; It also enables users to track calibration due and record calibration results and maintains on-line data for monitoring both usage and performance. Users can schedule and monitor instrument maintenance, and create alerts to be triggered when the time threshold for maintenance expires. System keeps track of instrument history maintenance records.

Inventory Management;

OasisLIMS incorporates a comprehensive stock control and inventory management system, this module covers stock control from receipt to issuance of chemicals, glassware, reagents, solutions used in laboratory for analyzing various types of samples. The inventory and storage management functions of the OasisLIMS allow users to maintain stocks of items and their validity. The system also generates re-order alerts when inventory levels go down from a specific range. The combination of inventory management software with tracking procedure makes it useful tool for any laboratory. Reports are available to track stock receipts and consumption with many other useful details, printing of labels for identification of consumables is also available. User Administration and Security OasisLIMS has been designed to support accredited laboratories those follow establish formal quality procedures that demand the highest system integrity and security of data in the system. OasisLIMS provides foolproof security controls in place to ensure that system administrators have complete control in defining users, passwords, user roles. Administrator grants right to access and privileges to a specific function of system to a an individual depending upon his/her role and responsibility.

Standard Operating/Testing Procedures;

OasisLIMS has built in word processor to maintain SOPs used in various activities in a laboratory as guidelines and reference quality procedures, these SOP’s either be edited directly and stored within OasisLIMS secured database using standard editing functions or can be imported from an external package such as Microsoft Word™. Option is also available to store files as attachments with efficient folder management to properly organize information tagged with unique document ID’s. The attachment is then stored as a BLOB (Binary Large OBject) in the OasisLIMS database for security. SOPs can be versioned to maintain the most up-to-date current version on top and SOP’s can also be aged.


OasisLIMS includes one of the most comprehensive audit trail and trace log functions available, allowing you to maintain an audit log for every entry on the system to check what was changed, when, why and by whom. All modifications are recorded and subsequently stored for future examination and reference.

Easy to Use Interface;

OasisLIMS familiar and easy-to-use interface is vital to maximizing productivity and reducing user training time. New users can become proficient more quickly and occasional users easily retain their facility with this Microsoft Office-like interface. Based on familiar functionality within Microsoft Excel™, OasisLIMS workbook, worksheet, folder and sample architecture allows users to recreate the laboratory's business practices, without the need for any complex IT involvement.