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Pharmaceuticals and API Manufacturing

Oasis is an industry leader in LIMS solutions in providing tools that can help you monitor and control the safety and quality of your raw materials, intermediates and finished products testing; providing you a platform for the documentation of results and the management of information in a secure and reliable manner.

OasisLIMS is a web based, client server and cloud based quality management platform that permits you to practice full regulatory compliant FDA features to ensure data integrity, regulatory compliance and auditing readiness. OasisLIMS includes powerful features to efficiently manage all laboratory processes, a completely integrated solution incorporating LIMS, ELN, QMS and instrument integration in a single application platform network.

It facilitates real-time analysis of samples, consolidate sample data and related documentation, generate Certificates of Analysis (CoA) for samples that meet specifications and Out of Specifications status (OOS) for non-compliant samples, flexible automatic on-line calculations using test methods that comply with USP, IP, BP testing standards, generate stability schedules and summary reports, generate trends, reporting & data analysis tools comply with cGxP, FDA and other Govt. regulations to implement best practices, comprehensive audit trails/electronic signatures. Associated functions of sample workflow include inventory control and efficient management of standards, reagents, instruments calibration management and much more…