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Training Management System

Suitable for large laboratories and manufacturing environments

Oasis Training Management System enables you to keep records of internal and external training activities for all personnel in an organization. As per the norms, all executives should be granted qualifications on the basis of training courses attended/qualified. Training program may be focused on any product, process, instrument or test procedures.

It generates comprehensive Reports and Analytics quickly. It maintains all the training records to assure full compliance with CFR Part 11, with audit Trails and ER / ES also.

Major functions of system Includes ...
Setup employees/trainees/trainer masters, register the personnel involved the training programs organized; Subject groups, records of different subject groups and under it subject masters defined with descriptions;

Question Bank, record of the questions of different type i.e. objective, subjective, true-false or matching type, applicable to the specific subject managed in the system.

Seperate provision for induction training for new employees including circular, receipt and training, feedback report, induction training evaluation / qualifications;

Yearly / Monthly Planner, work around an annual / montly plan of training session on various subjects by different departments to effectivly organize trainings.

Training Session, scheduled / unscheduled training session can be conducted for a specified subject by departments; Training Conduction, training conduction is grouped into two categories, session based or self-based. Training Assessment, under manual mode an assessment reporyt can be prepared by the trainer to evaluate the performance of trainees and fix the marks and grades for certification.

Online Examination can be scheduled after completion of training, it includs Session Number, Question Bank Number and the Subject; relavent questions are filled up automatically based on the criteria, trainees give the answers of questions shown online one after the other till the end;

Examination Training Evaluation, System performs evaluation of on-line examination automatically for fixing marks and grades to evaluate the performance of the trainees;

Training References, provision for linking of SOP / reference documents to support training on different subjects is available.

Reports section provides the facility to generate reports and print ... Employee, subject master, question bank, induction training circular, feedback, final report, yearly, monthly calendar, detailed training card / logs, training schedules, held, completed, attendance sheet, assessment sheet,trainee grades and certificate etc.