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Oasis Cloud Platform

Oasis LIMS sample manager and stability data management solutions are available on Cloud and Hosted Environments, as SaaS Delivery, Subscription Based.

Oasis LIMS related products and solutions are built on latest web technology compatible with 100% cloud environments. Cloud-hosted applications provide a technologically-advanced alternative to traditional on-premises enterprise software installations as they offer platform that is entirely web-based, secured and require no software installation, configuration on the client machine to access application.

Your hosted LIMS system can be made available over the internet to any of your employees or partners with a valid permissions on secured network.

Oasis products and apps on cloud are subscription based, saas delivery, on shared infra-structure, it keeps you entire instance and data seperate from other organizations in the private space on cloud, while also allowing you to reap up the benefits of cost saving infrastructure and maintenence and certified runtime environment with end-to-end security and privacy through secured access.


There are numerous benefits using LIMS through SaaS delivery model; few highlights are:
  • • Application and Data – Anywhere, Anytime
  • • Cloud – Accessible from any Computer connected to Internet
  • • Company wide access
  • • Significant cost savings in licenses, infra-structure
  • • Reduced need for advanced hardware
  • • Removes need for physical space
  • • Improved Service delivery
  • • Enabled Business Innovation

Security & Privacy: There are two areas the current industries are concerned about. Oasis Cloud Platform is a private clouds with respective customers with dedicated instance of software and virtual infrastructure setup that will be highly secured to improve security and privacy of data.

Oasis, your cloud partner!

Oasis being a leading provider of Lab Automation, have been recognized as a leader in the area of LIMS, offering SaaS service delivey and infrastructure management for it's core products:

Focused Lab Automation practice that is the largest amongst the Indian players, robust support service with optimum On-site/Off-shore delivery, proven track record LIMS, QMS, ERP space, implementation and validation servives in Manufacturing, research organizations and laboratories ...

Proven Expertise in IT Infrastructure Management:

Since your data is on a hosted model, it is important that you have a reliable partner having advanced infrastructure set-up with high operational uptime, data protection, redundancy and overall data protection and security in place. Oasis has been meeting this demand since decades helping organization to keep confidentiality of data of different of companies and different projects.

Oasis provides full management of available LIMS software and related application deployment, data migration and implementation support in the cloud environment.

Oasis is a premier company to provide Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) for the pharma/chemical manufacturing, environmental, food and beverage and other industries with 100% success implementation track record in numerous laboratories across various countries.