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Equipment Calibration and Maintenance

Ability to track usage, calibration and maintenance records of instruments used in laboratory.

Keeping routine equipment calibration and maintenance records is a general requirement and standard practice of any quality control laboratory. Various instruments/equipments that are used in lab to help support testing of samples and are required to calibrated at regular intervals for their accuracy and consistent performance with respect to prescribed specifications and guidelines by the supplier. LIMS provides the facility to enable user to keep track of various equipments in the lab with their calibration and maintenance records.

LIMS provides integrated functions, which allow users to register equipments with complete details name, model, make, service resords, calibration/maintenence frequency. The module also enables users to schedule calibration, analyse/inspect instruments, record results in order to monitor the performance.

Assocation of equipment type ie. HPLC, GC, Balance helps in selecting the particular category of equipment efficiently during generation of various reports.

LIMS also keeps track of instrument history maintenance records with breakdow and service details.

Planner for the AMC, calibration of instrument / equipment is provided. This in turn gives the notifications / alert / reminder for the same on dues.

Equipment management major functions includes registration of equipment, calibration tests and limits for accuracy/precision, scheduling and recording of calibration events, AMC tracking and maintenence records.

Maintenance of instruments log books under LIMS integration mode.