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O-Link Server, connecting lab equipments with LIMS


Built on .Net technology | Client/Server based | Integration Ready with Instruments and CDS
O-Link instruments integration solution from Oasis is fully configurable software tool that maximizes your investments in lab data systems and instruments by ensuring that resultant data gets transferred to LIMS / ELN on-line and in real-time manner. It also maintains data integrity for major compliance requirements where businesses and operations are Pharma / chemicals / Food and Beverages / R&D centric.

Paperless lab initiative

  • • Integrated LIMS and CDS/Non-CDS
  • • Data security and integrity
  • • Work flow optimization
  • • Option for integrated sample management module
  • • Centralized chromatograms and instrument data
  • • Instant results data visualization tool


Directly captures data / results from analytical instruments through RS 232 port (serial communication) / TCP-IP at the time of reading/observation entry. Ensures Data Integrity, automatically maintains instruments logs and raw data in an electronic form. Captures the CDS output as a package of both results and sample test data from file based output. Possibility for direct database access from CDS server for capturing results of samples processed in a sequence. User defined test methods for further calculations on intermediate results. Maintain all raw data information as central repository in O-Link server for future reference during auditing / inspections.


Enhances the overall efficiency of the laboratory and the entire enterprise. Improves standardization in Lab processes. Improves sample turn-around time. Eliminates Manual entry errors. Gives faster and authentic results. Meets Compliance requirements.

Standard Execution

Registers the sample in Core O-Link sample management module. Marks specific tests in O-Link in an integrated manner to collect data from Instruments with serial port (RS 232) or Ethernet TCP-IP and instrument-software generated files.

Parses the data, incorporates in-line MOA / STP, performs test-driven calculations, Improves standardization in Lab processes. Improves sample turn-around time gives faster and authentic results. Meets Compliance requirements
Displays it in user designed lab sheets (spreadsheets) Stores raw data and other relevant meta data Enhances the overall efficiency of the laboratory and the entire enterprise Eliminates Manual entry errors Finally, transfers results to O-Link database in a secure environment

Instrument Integration

O-Link Server / ELN, Fully Integrated Application with Sample Management Workflow, Robust Data Integrity and Compliance, Robust Interface for managing the external data coming into O-Link database.


Instead of manually entering laboratory results into LIMS, communication between laboratory instruments and LIMS can be configured, further minimizing manual work. O-LINK server is a platform independent integration tool that has already been successfully connected different types of instruments used in laboratory, for example to read results from a spectrophotometer.

O-LINK Connect can be used also to communicate with machines with comm. ports, other systems and databases.
O-LINK Connect supports various instruments, with connections based on
  • • Simple instruments producing one or more results for unidentified samples, e.g. balances and pH-meters.
  • • Instruments such as CDS with one-way communication producing data containing information on sample ID, test ID and results.
  • • Complex and unique instruments can be added by new method development

O-LINK Connect supports connections based on
  • • File transfer
  • • Serial port
  • • TCP/IP (client and server) communication.

O-LINK server can be installed on a separate server, or on the same server as LIMS. It allows easy administration over the web, separate user control, and can be set-up to work transparently in the background, it is interfaced with LIMS at various touch points to communicate the data from the instrument, when the results are received, they are instentenously posted to LIMS in real time manner without any user intervention.

Standard Features

  • • Integration with Oasis LIMS, eBR, MES, LES Systems
  • • On-line data transfers to ELN / EWS
  • • Basic sample tracking system helps users to quickly view sample results
  • • Barcode integration to print on labels
  • • Excel like User defined test methods / calculations and results transfers
  • • Custom designed Instruments Integration
  • • Dashboard, notifications, alerts, reminders - Integration with email / SMS

O-Link Server, integrates shop-floor automation euqipments with Oasis-eBR

Oasis-eBR automatically captures values directly from wrighing/dispencing machines, it can integrate to existing PLC and a wide range of other control systems and euipments through custom design integration and enter them in the batch records, saving valuable time and ensuring complete data entry.