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Oasis EWM, Environment and Water Monitoring System


Oasis Environment and Water Monitoring System

It is a process based solution that maps to entire sampling workflow; the software controls the process as a whole, not just scheduling for individual sampling points/locations, but also capturing all critical quality control parameters. Risk-Based Environmental Monitoring involves monitoring the quality of production area, incoming water, air and gases are critical for the quality of the finished product. Water is used in several areas of pharmaceutical and if contaminated can lead to poor quality product, the same apply to gasses used in production. This increases risk of adverse patient reaction from the final product and that may lead to regulatory citations.

Quality Parameters and Limits

In a hierarchy, there are geographic locations/sites and at each geographic location/site there are sample points distributed. For each location/site/area along with sample point quality parameters are mapped with predetermined limits.

Automatic Scheduling

Provision for batch related or on-demand scheduling of analysis for area, sample point and tests at a specific time interval (Analytical Report No is generated automatically on a predefined theme, date of monitoring/exposure and analyzed by entered.)

Reading Observations/ Results Entry

Rapid data entry, readings/observations and test results are entered for each sampling point, limits shown online.

Reporting and Data Trending

Comprehensive reporting capabilities and real-time trend view features allow one to analyze data going out of range quickly and efficiently against limits for selected filter to include date range, site/location/area, sample points.

Other various visual dashboards

MIS, dashboards and reports

For electronic systems

Access Control - User Id and Password, Data Integrity and Accuracy, Data Backup and Retrieval, User Documentation.