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Columns Management

LIMS column management module enables users to maintain detailed record of columns used and keep track of their performance. Set of useful reports is available including column master, issue, log book, usage record and destruction record.

Columns Management module allows registration of columns with important infromation like dimention, category, date of receipt/purchase, column ID/serial no, manufacturer/vendor etc.

Colume issuance records, column validation on specific test parameters for suitability along with details like mobile phase, flow, wl, vol etc., in addition, seperate function for column regenration. Column validation report, detailed column usage records in various samples analysis with flow, no. of injections, date/time, column wash date/time, column logs etc.

Maintenance of column destruction records with due for destruction alerts. Product wise, column wise number of injections record on the report. Maintenance of columns log books under LIMS integration mode.