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Industry Specific Solutions

Oasis has domain expertise of handling assignments in various industries, the knowledge comes from understanding laboratory informatics requirements working with senior level technocrats, QA / QC Managers, VP Technical, have helped evolve a unique, strong, comprehensive product line.

Over 20 years of leader-ship in pharma specific solutions, Oasis has designed, built and introduced industry-specific solutions through various products as per the needs and demands of industry and are running successfully across many organizations, this has allowed Oasis to grow with businesses with acquired knowledge. Understanding basic challenges is the first step in developing the purpose-built software solutions so that customers can count on us for many years to come.

Pharmaceuticals and API Manufacturing

Oasis is an industry leader in LIMS solutions in providing tools that can help you monitor and control the safety and quality of your raw materials, intermediates and finished products testing; providing you a platform for the documentation of results and the management of information in a secure and reliable manner.

OasisLIMS is a web based, client server and cloud based quality management platform that permits you to practice full regulatory compliant FDA features to ensure data integrity, regulatory compliance and auditing readiness. OasisLIMS includes powerful features to efficiently manage all laboratory processes, a completely integrated solution incorporating LIMS, ELN, QMS and instrument integration in a single application platform network.

It facilitates real-time analysis of samples, consolidate sample data and related documentation, generate Certificates of Analysis (CoA) for samples that meet specifications and Out of Specifications status (OOS) for non-compliant samples, flexible automatic on-line calculations using test methods that comply with USP, IP, BP testing standards, generate stability schedules and summary reports, generate trends, reporting & data analysis tools comply with cGxP, FDA and other Govt. regulations to implement best practices, comprehensive audit trails/electronic signatures. Associated functions of sample workflow include inventory control and efficient management of standards, reagents, instruments calibration management and much more…

Research and Developments (FD / API Units)

R&D laboratories in the pharmaceutical industry can fully benefit from the OasisLIMS solution that offers a single system for research data management and optimized collaboration, for all data produced by, physical, chemistry and micro laboratories.

Our specialized business applications for chemistry and formulations are fully integrated into the a single platform that includes project management, recipe management, samples and analytical batch management, trials recording, stability studies and management, dissolution and impurity profiling and inventory management for scale up batches, with strong MIS and reporting tools. Trials data is directly accessible in a real time manner to all the scientists collaborating on a research and development project for faster analysis and decision making. Chemists, micro biologists, analytical and formulation scientists have access to the full spectrum of formulation/chemical batch information, analytical results, characterization properties and dosage data.

Chemicals, Agriculture Chemicals, Oil/Gas, Petrochemicals

OasisLIMS supports the production agriculture chemicals, oil and gas refining, petrochemical, and chemical manufacturing industries by facilitating automation of quality control in a continuous process and access to data so that it can be reported and analyzed.

OasisLIMS for chemicals laboratories can help assure quality, optimize the efficiency and throughput of staged processes, help you comply with regulations and safety standards, and enable you to perform rigorous testing and continuous real-time monitoring of the quality data, enforcing SOPs, and allowing for the effective management of data and information enables management make quick production decisions more quickly in case of any violation in specification limits for a particular parameter, increases overall productivity across manufacturing operations, lower operating costs and improve quality and integrity of data, all while enabling compliance with strict regulatory requirements, and improving sample traceability.

OasisLIMS can be integrated with third party software to provide enterprise-wide, the system's powerful functionality, configurable nature, the system's accessibility and simplified management makes it an ideal tool that interface to 3rd party ERP, Process Control (SAP, Aspen Tech etc.) and to add to company's overall quality and bottom line.

Food & Beverage Industry

OasisLIMS unique solution helping food & beverage industry and food laboratories can leverage its capabilities to analyze hazards, determine and monitor critical issues and establish corrective actions to ensure that food safety standards are met and the system is functioning properly,

it makes sure all the stages of food production, from the production of raw ingredients to the packaging that delivers the product to the customer they do not become contaminated with chemicals or food pathogens and minimizes the risk associated with the quality through production, processing, and distribution while meeting government regulations and market consumer trends.

OasisLIMS is flexible and comprehensive electronic document management system makes it possible to provide access to data such a way that safety and standards information is quickly and easy available with complete traceability of information such as results, results status, equipment records, actions performed, among others eg stability, sensory evaluation etc.

OasisLIMS, food & beverage solution offers, ability to ensure that raw materials, in process and finish products meet specifications, identification of results that are out of specification for quick decisions, complete traceability and regulatory compliance, integrated electronic record management that produces a completely auditable track records of all laboratory resources taking part in a specific analysis (analysts, instruments, standards and SOP’s).

Environment and Water Laboratory

OasisLIMS water and environmental testing labs LIMS supports manage manufacturing units to meet the compliance requirements;

The system has configurable workflow as per water and environment testing that includes sample scheduling, sample points and It also defines which test or tests are to be carried out on each of the samples collected as per complete environmental monitoring protocol for sampling plan that allows assignment of the same properties to multiple samples that increase the overall efficiency and productivity.

Standard test methods such as MLT, BET and sterility, multi batch sample sequences and other predefined micro templates eliminates transcription errors and reduce paper handling which significantly improves sample turnaround time, generates regulatory reports the system assists you make faster, more informed decisions at all levels of the organization.

The results can be trended to show the variation of results in a graphical report over time for samples executed at different sample points and intervals. Results can be compared with specified limits for each test at each sampling site and triggers can be set up to ensure that any violations of these limits are immediately reported to the lab management team for further action.

With this module you have the ability to define your laboratory processes on environment parameters needs for improved efficiencies, cost savings, and compliance with a configurable system that will grow with your business and support your data management needs in the future.